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I played about an hour of this, and killing zombies already seems tedious. Seriously, 4 machete wacks to the head to take down a zombie? I thought you were going to be able to hack the limbs off the zombies? I’m sitting there hacking away on a zombie’s legs for 5min straight, and it did nothing. What the hell? Headshots are fun though…but only useful when you are in a confined space without a lot of zombies to pop out from, otherwise you’re going to get swarmed.

The voice acting is probably the best part of the game…Michael Rooker’s performance as Merle is every bit as entertaining as the show.

Man, all I asked was for this to be at least as entertaining as Dead Island, which isn’t a perfect game by ANY means. But killing zombies isn’t even fun. In Dead Island I wouldn’t even do any missions in that game…I’d just walk up and down the beach chopping zombie’s heads off as they’d run towards. I couldn’t get enough of it. In the Walking Dead game, it’s like they want you to stay away from the zombies. Which I guess is the point, but where is the fun in that?
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