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It's Time for Crime as Raro Video (and new distributor Kino) release a second box of gritty classics with FERNANDO DI LEO: THE ITALIAN CRIME COLLECTION 2!

Kicking things off is the ultra-rare poliziotteschi SHOOT FIRST, DIE LATER (1974)! Luc Merenda is a dirty cop who puts his father's life in jeopardy when he attempts to secure an evidence file for some gangster friends. It's a Di Leo flick, so things obviously don't go as planned, and soon enough Luc shows just how dirty he can get. Impossible to find in decent quality prior, Raro promise a new transfer from negative elements.

Next up is NAKED MASSACRE (1969), where a group of booze-fueled young toughs are manipulated into the titular assault. A jaded police inspector is on the case, and through interrogations believes someone behind the scenes orchestrated the crime... but why? Susan Scott shows up for no good reason.

Lastly, the KIDNAP SYNDICATE (1975) swipe two kids off the street, one being mechanic Luc Merenda's son. When the parent of the other tyke tries to negotiate, things go bad real quick, and Luc is left with nothing but revenge on his mind.

Another must-have box set from Raro, with new hi-def transfers and multiple featurettes.


Some clips (all kinda spoilerish):
Shoot First, Die Later:
Naked Violence:
Kidnap Syndicate:

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