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Modern horror movies that push the envelope

I just started watching the remake of Night of the Demons. So far I'm impressed. Although it seems like they might be backing down a bit. The police arrived and everyone but the main actors are leaving the house. But the opening is good and surprisingly raunchy. Which gave me the idea to make this topic.

Are there any modern horror movies that really push the envelope. At least like I thought for example the early Friday the 13th movies did in the following categories:

1. Death scenes. I didn't know how the Italian movies influenced Friday the 13th Part 2 when I originally watched it. But stuff in this movie was wild. The bed spear and machete wheelchair death are all crazy scenes. Same goes for Friday the 13th Part 6. The whole movie is filled with creative scenes. Not just flat out gore either. Like some of the stuff in Hatchet that I think goes too far.

2. Nudity. This is a difficult one to get right. If it is too artistic it's softporn and boring. Go too far and it's pornography. Which no reputable actress/actor will do anyway. But Tom Savini did joke on that Starz special that some actresses in one horror movie were all pornstars. Again, Friday the 13th Part 2 and 6 got it right for the time. Part 2 full nudity scene which I don't think any modern horror I can think of has. Part 6 has that van scene which I thought was cut when I originally watched it. Apparently, censors still think it's too much for normal cable and they cut the scene even though there's no nudity.

3. Dirty Jokes/Raunchy Stuff. Some wild stuff is in Night of the Demons. What one girl does when they are talking about Brazilian wax was unexpected. There is a scene in a strip club too. I immediately thought they aren't going to go there. But they did.

So what have you guys seen that pushes the envelope?
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