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I'm with Anthropopop.....Anthrosnuphalufugus....fuck it, Grim Reaper here. I liked the second episode more (which kind of goes away from what other online communities are saying), enough that I'm probably in for the duration. Maybe I should delete The Following from my DVRing on Mondays, 'cause that has turned to total shit, and it wasn't that good to begin with.

I'm liking it more than I want to admit, because I simply despise the "prequel" concept. They start out being painted into a corner, as already know the eventual outcome. And more often than not, the explanation behind the "origin" is often a disappointment. Darth Vader, the most badass evil man in the history of fiction is really just a whiny brat who misses his mommy? I could have lived my whole life without knowing that.

Prequels tend to be cloying in their way of showing how something started. I'm reminded of a Simpsons episode where they flashed back to summer camp, and a young Moe Syslak gets some phone call he doesn't want, and shouts into the phone "If I ever find you I'll rip out your eyes.....etc etc", then looks directly at the camera and says "And that's the origin of THAT bit". Most prequels do this with about the same level of subtlety, and I for one am fucking tired of it.

That said, I like where Bates Motel is going. Sure, there's a lot of the cloying "origin explanation" I just mentioned, like seeing Norman's squeeze being heavy into taxidermy, and also knowing she's doomed by CF. But the stuff intriguing me is the town itself, which is quite wealthy despite the lack of any kind of business or manufacturing, the way they "solve their own problems" (often resorting to violence, apparently), and whatever it is that Norman and Emma are investigating.

Of course, it helps that Vera Farmiga is a very good actress, and I'm also excited that her little sister is returning to American Horror Story next season.

Good god, is it possible that the best horror right now is on fucking TELEVISION?? (Bates, AHS, Walking Dead)
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