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2013 and no Phantasm V - I say bring on the remake w/ Don Coscarelli helming it. I miss the Phantasm world and think it's a fun series that deserves a long overdue comeback.

For those complaining about a remake - doesn't the series already remake itself?

Phantasm I - story of a boy and the going-ons of a cemetery/mausoleum
Phantasm II - 1st was a dream but wait it is happening, here is a girl and the going-ons of a cemetery/mausoleum
Phantasm III - might as well hit restart again, the lead girl of the second one and the idea of others being linked to tall man is aborted, Timmy plays a reimagined Mike character, identical scenarios of I and II are repeated and a dash of brains in spheres and possible previous life connection of Mike/Tall Man
Phantasm IV - Further explores the Mike/Tall Man relationship while Reg plays out the II-III scenario over again.

Their biggest hurdle will be recasting Angus though. I think it CAN be done but a lot of these remakes cast actors that make you wonder what were they thinking?! Please do not cast Jackie Earle Haley as the Tall Man regardless of how GOOD of an actor he is or how creepy he was in Little Children. I've heard people throw out Bill Nighy as a alternate actor for the Tall Man which I thought could be interesting.
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