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Originally Posted by Hellbilly View Post
V/H/S maybe? It's controversial (boring!/great!), combines anthologies and found footage with enough gratuitous nudity to make feminists blush.

Then there's Lake Mungo (2008), a fake supernatural docu-drama with "YouTube" and cell phone viewer appeal (for "realism") and an above average touching ending. Not sure about pushing any envelopes but it's special for sure.
VHS is on my list. I believe I saw a poster for part 2 or S-VHS?

I thought Lake Mungo was a clever ghost story. I had a feeling on the twist early on but dropped it as there were so many changes in the story. But I did like the ending.

Originally Posted by Paff View Post
The Hong Kong movie Dream Home had me saying out loud "they did NOT just do that, did they?" several times...
The pregnant lady? I didn't believe it either. The lady in Dream Home went crazy. I posted about it on the other horror forum that I didn't believe she could snap and go that far. Someone said it was a satire I think. But she basically runs though the apartment like Jason. Someone compared Natalie Portman's character in Black Swan to Jason on another forum. I still need to see that one.

I guess I'm trying to prioritize what's on my movie list. There are so many and I don't want to waste time, at least not now on junk. Movies that you guys mentioned or I think might be good are:

Evil Dead - I can barely remember this one. So I'm going to start again with the remake.
House of the Devil
Drag Me to Hell
The Ward
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

I added a few from your posts.

Also, I thought about some movies that aren't horror directly but have wild horror elements that modern horror movies don't use.

Hell Ride - I think many see this as Grindhouse Part 3. It's pretty raunchy.

Swimming Pool and The Dreamers - I'm not sure if these are the over R rating. But both were pushing the nudity barrier. Maybe the rating people gave them a pass because they are foreign movies.

Doomsday - This movie has almost everything. Zombie types, Aliens references, and the one thing I thought was a joke until seeing it, cannibalism. I thought when that crazy guy says "we're going to catch them, cook them, and eat them" that he had to be joking. But nope.
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