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Originally Posted by ImmortalSlasher View Post
VHS is on my list. I believe I saw a poster for part 2 or S-VHS?

I thought Lake Mungo was a clever ghost story. I had a feeling on the twist early on but dropped it as there were so many changes in the story. But I did like the ending.

The pregnant lady? I didn't believe it either. The lady in Dream Home went crazy. I posted about it on the other horror forum that I didn't believe she could snap and go that far. Someone said it was a satire I think. But she basically runs though the apartment like Jason. Someone compared Natalie Portman's character in Black Swan to Jason on another forum. I still need to see that one.

I guess I'm trying to prioritize what's on my movie list. There are so many and I don't want to waste time, at least not now on junk. Movies that you guys mentioned or I think might be good are:

Evil Dead - I can barely remember this one. So I'm going to start again with the remake.
House of the Devil
Drag Me to Hell
The Ward
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

I added a few from your posts.

Also, I thought about some movies that aren't horror directly but have wild horror elements that modern horror movies don't use.

Hell Ride - I think many see this as Grindhouse Part 3. It's pretty raunchy.

Swimming Pool and The Dreamers - I'm not sure if these are the over R rating. But both were pushing the nudity barrier. Maybe the rating people gave them a pass because they are foreign movies.

Doomsday - This movie has almost everything. Zombie types, Aliens references, and the one thing I thought was a joke until seeing it, cannibalism. I thought when that crazy guy says "we're going to catch them, cook them, and eat them" that he had to be joking. But nope.
There is an NC-17 cut of the dreamers, which was put out on DVD.

Eden Lake also pushes some boundaries, and is quite a good movie.
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