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Originally Posted by Steel76 View Post
There are bigger problems in the world than worrying about remakes
I very much agree. But my problem with remakes is connected directly to my problem with what the genre's been turning out as product since Wrong Turn, Haute Tension, and TCM'03. What it's become. You can interpret my complaints any number of ways. I don't like films posing as extreme, brutal, intense - etc - when you have to engage the mind to do this and I don't believe for a second the likes of Saw do. Filmmakers put more emphasis on how to draw in their audiences - as a form of almost P.C. faux-artistic excuses for just shoving violent scenes in your face with about zero genuine ambition to back it up (because, don't be fooled, they love that people who want to see violent movies praise them for being "brave" enough to just show violence- they really play both sides to get to the middle) - than they do with story, character, etc. Which are essential to really feel the horror of the ideas. Horror isn't horror with pesky considerations for atmosphere or creativity anymore, it's all horror of ideas; come up with any lousy idea, spatter it through with violence, and that's horror. That's the same as suggesting horror never was an artform.

And, I don't buy that the new action-drama-thriller aesthetic with exploitation themes accurately sums up the real world problems of the last decade either. Almost all of it is about human evils committed through politics, war, and cruel ruling of nations... and they think this is accurately portrayed through tying people up, dragging them into underground bunkers, putting them in traps, raping them, having them run down the street barefoot or through the forest with the shaky camera strapped to their face so it catches cold breath exhaust and snot and tears dripping... Etc. No. What this is is recycling the themes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Last House on the Left, Maniac, Cannibal Holocaust, etc. Whether they're good (former two) or bad (latter two). The difference being something Mark Kermode mentioned when the remake of Friday the 13th came out: that the new breed of violent horror are polished and released into reputable cinemas instead of grindhouses. So, they don't even get the point of the original films they're aping so desperately (because they want to be superstars like Romero, Craven, Carpenter, Cronenberg, Argento, Stuart Gordon, Raimi, Bava, Peter Jackson, Hooper, Fulci, etc). If anything, as I've also said, they're following instead in a pattern set in the 90's by films such as Se7en, Kiss the Girls, Kalifornia, Fight Club, The Bone Collector - okay, Brad Pitt and Ashley Judd really had this market cornered, didn't they? - as well as the post-Scream teen slasher films. As well as forensic detection crime TV shows, especially C.S.I.

Everything horror could have offered us post-28 Days Later (with the exceptions of maybe Hostel, Mulberry Street, Seed of Chucky, and Insidious - that I've seen thus far) was just already done before. And, I mean...a few years before. Se7en is as infinitely insightful about how every horrible thing in the world affects us as a host of Martyrs could ever be. If the only frontier left to keep pushing was violence, I'm sorry but I saw that too. It was called Ichi the Killer. Which is just about the final word ON film violence. During those 2 hours, I had every reaction to watching a violent act I've ever had before with other films (well...all but one). That wasn't enough for other people? Whatever. For me, along with a select few other films (including Suicide Circle), it was. Because I don't turn to movies to wake me up, remind me I'm alive, or teach me things I don't know about real life. I know torture is bad. I know rape is bad. I understand the value of human life in so far as any film can make me and I don't need some little trendy hot-shot film school graduate with a budget to tell me differently. But, apart from that, I don't like being manipulated. And if I did, it'd take a smarter person than Alexandre Aja, Rob Zombie, Marcus Nispel, Xavier Gens, Gaspar Noe, Zack Snyder, Tom Six, Srdjan Spasojevic, Ho-Cheung Pang, Michael Dougherty, Bryan Bertino, Neil Marshall, or David DeFalco (Chaos) to do it.

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