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Originally Posted by DVD-fanatic-9 View Post
You sure did. I approve of all! (I really have to stop saying that, but youknowwhatImean- A+ choices, all.)

YouTube is pretty nasty with music copyright rules (I've wanted to upload some Joan Osborne tracks for so long just because you really can listen to almost any major artist and every track on all their major albums on YT and they guard her tighter than Prince seems to snap over his stuff on there)... did they...offer you Lady Gaga as a replacement (in their remixing program thing)?
No, they didn't. Their replacement choices are awful. Luckily, the Gaga song and Dead Milkmen song were similar lengths so I just switched the song out and reloaded it. I find it odd how they can be so strict on some artists and yet so lenient on others. I wouldn't think Joan Osborne would have such a lock down on her music.
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