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Remaking My Soul
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And Carnival of Souls - the last scene.
And Fright (1971) - the kitchen scenes.
Halloween 5 - at the farm dance.
Brain Damage - at the goth rock club.
Psycho III - Norman and Maureen dancing at the restaurant.
The Amityville Horror - Margot Kidder doing ballet stretches in front of her mirror.
Blue Sunshine - the disco scenes.
The Howling III - the discotheque scene.
Near Dark - Mae and James LeGros dancing at the bar.
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer - Becky dancing for the video camera.
Ghoulies II - the belly dancers.
Candyman - this is a stretch but the camera danced around Helen while Candyman held her (the moment after she tries to stab him with the hook).
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