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Originally Posted by DVD-fanatic-9 View Post
Not her, necessarily, personally. Universal. Who... I believe owns Lady Gaga. (Go figure.)

I'm surprised you didn't choose "Bloody Mary" originally- did you notice how perfectly that last clip flowed with the dying down of the music? (And I mean the sound of the music, not the fact that it was the end. She has some kind of lyrics barely audible and I think they said something like "don't leave without me"...)
Peaches is a good artist to use because her music is upbeat and the videos are allowed to be played on a mobile device.

I know, that's funny about "Bloody Mary". I had everything fitting so well to Dead Milkmen, I was really bummed when it got blocked. I put the "Bloody Mary" song over it just to see what the feel would be like and I was like hey, this works too. Actually, by taking the True Blood scene out and rearranging some things, I think parts of the songs work even better for the clips now. Notice right when Linda Blair gets hit by the "psychic rock" while dancing, is when Gaga lets out her scream now. That amused me. I also like that her scream now happens while the head is rolling during the Evil Dead II clip.

I was always happy with how the Prom Night ending came out - the music does really fit well. Sometimes it's intentional and sometimes things just come together accidentally.

Originally Posted by Anaestheus View Post
OK, you've already done a lot of work and a nice job at that. But, if you are looking for any more good dance clips, you might want to look at Strange Behavior for the "Lightning Strikes" sequence.
Thanks! I've never seen that one. I've been meaning to check it out. I will definitely consider adding it.
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