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Originally Posted by DVD-fanatic-9 View Post
Good point, DR. Of course, I do have to say something now...:

Oh, I worry so much about the prospect of Chump's and Mutilated's assholes tightening up. It keeps me awake all night.

The problem is that they continue to reply and offer nothing but judgmental bullshit to the thread. Exactly...why should consideration be shown their clearly narrow-minded points of view; why hasn't it been advised to them to just deal with it or leave the thread if it bothers them so much? It may seem off-topic but tons of non-horror-related discussions have happened in the Horror General section before and discussion of the show is clearly not breaking the rules or vehemently hateful or offensive in nature. Nor do I believe it's scaring away people with any breaking news stories of new Shout Factory releases.

I'm shocked I'm the one who has to say this but: grow some balls, already. You whine more about having to read a little My Little Pony talk than victims of systematic oppression, rape, severe public defamation... namely: your punchlines- girls and gays. Can we not leave the pigheaded, aggressive male entitlement attitudes for the RNC where they belong?
Oh my - this guy really is a douche. I make a statement about not having children's DVD's releases in here and Anal-Fanatic goes off on this rant about how My Little Pony is the answer to all of life's problems, it's not only for gay people (seems to think I'm a homophobe or is trying to recruit folks outside his lifestyle?), he's got a thing for Bronies and apparently anyone that does like it can go to hell. Once again, Horror Digital's answer to a question NO ONE ASKED. Get off your soapbox dumbass and go back to sleep. We'll wake you up the next time Rainbow Brite is discussed.

Originally Posted by Matt89 View Post
You know what is offensive in nature? LOL pretty much everything you just said. Just calm down, have a seat, take a breather. You're starting to sound like my friend Mike, the bitchy gay queen that he is. (Love him to death, though. He's also really hot.) Just sayin...

You're a good man Charlie Brown.
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