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Originally Posted by Matt89 View Post
You know what is offensive in nature? LOL pretty much everything you just said. Just calm down, have a seat, take a breather. You're starting to sound like my friend Mike, the bitchy gay queen that he is. (Love him to death, though. He's also really hot.) Just sayin...
I definitely have an activist side in me. But, whether this was doomed to turn into a repeat of the Lady Gaga thread or not, I wasn't willing to let these idiotic comments go. The reason sexism or homophobia keeps creeping into places like online horror forums when it's already everywhere else is that nobody calls people on it when it arises. Personally: enough is enough. And, no, I don't agree what I said was offensive. Though I agree things shouldn't have gone this far. But I'm not fucking accepting full responsibility for that.

Mutilated: I suppose what I said wasn't completely fair to you. I can see where you tried to make jokes to get everyone laughing and I did bare in mind your comments like "Whatever makes you happy and gets your through the day." If you really were being genuine, I hope you'll accept my apology - I'm sorry - and we can leave it at that.

Chump: Since you keep riding my ass, kiss it and fuck off already.
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