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I watched this today. I agree with Mondo Digital's bit about how the whole movie is worth it just for the the final couple minutes. The end is pretty great, but I found it only okay otherwise. There are a lot of scenes that serve no purpose that I just found kind of irritating. The brutally tedious 6 minute long opening scene with a guy haggling to see the masseuse naked in the standard version comes to mind. I HATED this movie for the first 6 minutes. It gets better after that, though there is another scene I kinda hated later where a male client strips down to a purple ballet uniform and dances around for a few minutes for no reason.

Overall worth a watch for the amazing finale, fun car chase and a few shocking murder scenes. I would recommend skipping the standard version which loses the opening titty haggling scene and watching the re-release version instead.

I'll get a more detailed review done soon.
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