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Best / Your Favorite Horror Themes?

Been thinking about horror music a lot recently. Independent from entire scores (unless that's what you really want your answer to the above question to be), what specific themes and pieces from individual scores are your favorites?

This one has to be one of the all-time greats:
(It seems to have been taken down from YouTube somewhat recently... Glad I kept a backup and left it Unlisted.)

And, this one probably is the all-time great(est):

And, so this would be 2nd best:

Or, maybe 3rd best:

And this wasn't the film's main theme... that's surprising:

Watching the movie almost ruined this one for me (I actually mean because they replay it constantly) but, I won't make that mistake twice:

This theme of course also plays constantly throughout the film but it's remixed brilliantly each time (this one's my favorite incarnation):

This was on the 2-disc DVD menu but I don't remember it being in the film anywhere (another of my favorites):

You had to know this one was coming:

One of the saddest:

I have a better copy on CD, I don't know why this one doesn't seem half as sharp:

And, why exclude songs? This one always spooked me out as a kid:

And, this one's another classic. Not one that likely is talked about a lot:

I say this is probably the best song-theme for a horror film I can think of (it's beautiful, it's sad, it's haunting and creepy as all hell):

And, here's another beautiful creeper (song):

Another ultimate favorite 80's horror song-theme (even when I was a punk and hated this movie - that would have been the 90's - I friggin' loved this song and I kind of floated for minutes after the tape stopped):

Another that fills the above category, except that I didn't see this movie until I bought the DVD:

Last song for a bit:

My favorite piece from this movie:

^ Reminds me a lot of this one:

Ah, the 80's:

^ ...still:

The opening & end credits themes to one of my favorites:

Anyone else ever think this one was fucking killer? (kind of like "Tunnel of Love" from hell):

And... this one was a surprise but, WOW:

Sort of like the horror version of the theme from Love Story ("Snow Frolics"):

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