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Originally Posted by DVD-fanatic-9 View Post
I don't know who Beach House is but I'll check it out.

This one's mine (slideshow, really, but it took me a long time to get all the pics):

I wanted to do a sequel but I can't think of a song about horror except for "Thriller" and "Nature Trail to Hell" and there's already a good video using the latter song.
Beach House reminds me kinda of Cocteau Twins. It definitely has an ethereal, dreamy, chill vibe to it.

I liked your video! I think you had your stills at the perfect speed. Usually still videos I find boring because the poster either keeps the image up too long or the quality of photos drastically varies. Yours was nicely done though. I never heard of that song either but maybe a good follow-up song would be something by Thrill Kill Kult.
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