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Erick H.
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Nice choices,good call on LADYBIRD from FRIGHT,a very eerie song from an underratted film.

Some obvious choices for me would be the main title to PSYCHO by Bernard Herrmann,Carpenter's HALLOWEEN and Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells from THE EXORCIST.I'm a great fan of Goblin's DEEP RED main title,Fabio Frizzi's THE BEYOND,Carpenter's THE FOG,and much of James Bernard's work for Hammer ,THE DEVIL RIDES OUT is a standout.Wendy Carlos's classical cover for THE SHINING's opening title's is wonderful (as George Carlos,Wendy is a tanssexual,she composed the score to Kubrick's A CLOCKWORK ORANGE).Jerry Goldsmith's score for THE OMEN (amazingly his only Oscar) is excellent and the much celebrated John Williams provided two overlooked gems with DePalma's THE FURY and John Badham's 1979 DRACULA.Herrmann's scores for DePalma's SISTERS and the borderline horror OBSESSION are exceptional and worth seeking out.Pino Dinagio's work for DRESSED TO KILL ,BODY DOUBLE and TOURIST TRAP are quite striking too.
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