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Remaking My Soul
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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. Since the genre has been nothing but hopelessly mired in The Same Exact Formula in Every Freaking Film since 2003, I feel zero guilt about saying I enjoy watching this movie from time to time. It's bad, yes. But it did not argue there was an obligation to take it seriously. It was dire in tone but it was about college students running from what was practically a supernatural zombie. I could enjoy it. The director wasn't drawing comparisons between this situation and torture dungeons run by spiritual cults or cancer patients with a heavy-handed social agenda. If there was an ounce of pretention in the trendy-teen slashers' bones- it was that they expected us to give a damn about the heroines' dilemmas because she was always young and wore tight t-shirts. It was still fun for subgenre output and surprisingly innocent stupidity. Today we still get ultra-polished survival films with incredibly shallow characters. I guess I like mine to be really dumb or really smart.
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