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well, they were all pretty physically flawless in Urban Legend, too....

but honestly, I didn't "like" any of these four films. My particular distaste for the original Urban Legend (which I can barely remember, the last time I saw it was undoubtedly on VHS, when it was released) was due to a couple of things: first of all, I remember seeing the trailer and thinking "oh shit, a supernatural horror movie where urban legends come true!? that looks awesome!" and was yet another "one of our sorority/fraternity friends had a traumatic childhood event which they are now using as justification to dress up and kill a bunch of (physically flawless) people."....such a disappointment. and the second reason was Rebecca Gayheart. goddamn, but she was terrible in that movie. she apparently had boobs, which commanded one of the key cover positions normally reserved for a floating head:

...but that was about the best that could be said of her presence in the movie. ugh.
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