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Originally Posted by JeffCostello View Post
GREAT thread. I'm a huge sucker for horror themes and have quite a collection of horror soundtracks on CD, vinyl and mp3.
Thank you (I was hoping to get some bleed-over from the Score CD thread). Excellent choices, too.

Originally Posted by JeffCostello View Post
I love the whole soundtrack (great "updated" 80ties vibe):
Reminds me the most of Giorgio Moroder and Cat People.

The movie sucks shit but, I'll be damned if this isn't one of the most memorable pieces of horror music written since Sidney's theme in Scream:

I did not mean to forget this one first time 'round (the bass is beautiful on this copy ...also reminds me of Cat People, I guess Moroder must have been paying attention):

Always loved this scene in the movie:

Also forgot this one in the last post, this is also a top 10 favorite theme for me:

Perky but a classic:

Speaking of 80's and clubs:

I think I may have forgotten this one too... no excuse for that (another end credits wonder):

Probably another of the top 10 all-time best themes:
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