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Anyone looking for Shriek Show / Media Blasters titles should check their local FYE. I found a bunch of stuff on clearance in their bargain section.

A few that I remember seeing:

Girls Nite Out
Creatures From The Abyss

Central Park Drifter: Graveyard Shift
Women In Fury
The Chilling
Murder Rock
The Hollywood Strangler Meets The Skid Row Slasher
Slime City Massacre

Vampire Triple Feature: Central Park Drifter / Fiance Of Dracula / Two Orphan Vampires
Jungle Girls Triple Feature: Golden Temple Amazons / Amazonia / Diamonds Of Kilimandjaro
One Missed Call Collection
Art Of The Devil Two Pack

and more.

I only grabbed Murder Rock, as I already had all the ones I wanted. Wish they had the Grindhouse Psychos triple feature, as that's the only one I'm still looking for.
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