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Great bits and bobs thread! DVD-fanatic-9, you have fabulous taste for the glammy 80's, and Jeff, the soundtrack for the remake of Maniac actually sounds pretty good! Anyway, a few of my favourites...

Of course, I love the 80's too:

Morricone's writing for Edda Dell'Orso's gorgeous soprano voice could be a thread in itself. A couple of choice pieces:


Speaking of film songs, I also love Running from this nightmare from Dream Warriors and Fade to black from Prom Night. And then there's this beautifully schmaltzy ballad:

And, of course, there's the entire soundtrack of Aerobicide, which is good, cheesy fun. This would be my favourite of them all (it's NOT Only you tonight):

^Make with the soundtrack already!

On to more serious music, Carpenter's theme for Halloween is probably the single most effective for me (along with the HII synth version). For a long time, I couldn't listen to it alone. Jim Manzie's music for Leatherface: TCM III is very good and totally underrated, but I could not find it on the tube.

I love Rosenman's gleeful reworking of Dies Irae (also reworked for The Shining and Jason Lives):

Another classic beautiful yet sad piece from an Italian:

And a Gothic delight:

All for now!

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