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Originally Posted by Erick H. View Post
There is a very nice multi disc CD set of the works of composer Ronald Stein,who scored many A.I.P horror favorites,titled MAD,MOD AND MACABRE and the theme song to SPIDER BABY is included (as is the entire score from the film).It is remasted from the original tapes and is very sharp and clear,especially as the song is over 40 years old.

I think "Monster Mash" came out in 1962,the "Spider Baby" song was over that films titles in 1968,though I believe the film was actually made a couple of years earlier."Monster Mash" still predates it but they do have a similar vibe and are both great fun !
I just found an MP3 about a minute after reading this reply. Though I didn't think the quality was a great deal sharper or more dynamic than the scratchy movie version.

Originally Posted by JeffCostello View Post
And here's on of the coolest opening titles:
It sure is. Except for the mood, I suppose it even surpasses the opening titles from Carpenter's Halloween. Halloween 4 however might just give this one a run for its' money...

Originally Posted by Kim Bruun View Post
Great bits and bobs thread! DVD-fanatic-9, you have fabulous taste for the glammy 80's
Thank you. I suppose it's just not quite complete yet without one of the decade's best song-oriented soundtracks:
(I don't prefer this quality over the original CD but... I guess YouTube was being a jerk again that day)
(This one didn't get raped as hard)
(Or this one... at 480, at least)

But, back to themes, the original is still better musically:
(Upon reflection, this might make it onto my Top 10 list if I ever sit down and do one)

Made this video because... I went through every track on YouTube for the soundtrack and I couldn't find this 60-second bit from the movie:

I also seem to have created this one out of two of the other tracks, splicing them together. I know they're two of my favorite sub-score pieces and I labeled the basic scenes:

And, of course:

Another one that I should have included in the first video (feels a little Rocky-esque, the more I think about it, especially 0:06-0:14):

Love this song too:
(A... kind-of interesting thing to play at the end of this movie. Not that shocking, since the lyrics really make sense. But... still.)
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