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Originally Posted by rhett View Post
Watched The Understudy (Graveyard Shift II) the other day after finding the VHS at a closing down video shop a few years ago. Good flick. Like the first one it really applies the vampire mythos to a modern setting quite well. This time it uses the vanity of actors and the "film is forever" mantra as its basis. Kind of low rent, but the jazzy music is nice and there are a few clever bits. I still don't quite get why the vampire is such a good billiards player (pool cue=stake?) though. I also don't get why they used the same actor as the main vampire but changed his name film to film. The idea is probably better than the execution, but this still stands above a lot of the other attempts at trying to modernize the vampire film. An underrated little saga these two movies are. Wonder if we'll ever see the second film on DVD?
doubt it I still got the anchor bay ep mode double feature vhs set as well as the first film from shriek show
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