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According to an Amazon review:

"LEGEND OF THE 7 GOLDEN VAMPIRES - By far, the worst of the 3 transfers in the set. Immediately upon viewing it is obvious the film speed is off, which results in unnaturally fast motion. The runtime here is only 85 min. instead of the 89 min. length on the Anchor Bay DVD. The increased film speed acccounts for the difference and it doesn't appear as if anything is cut. However this one is in Anamorphic Widescreen and the AB release is letterboxed, which isn't' very friendly with most widescreen TVs. Surprisingly this soundtrack is much clearer and more robust than AB's which is muffled lo-fi by comparison. Also, Millenium's color palette seems more natural than the Anchor Bay transfer. Unfortunately none of these improvements overcome the terribly distracting off-kilter film speed that renders the movie almost unwatchable. Anchor Bay wins hands down on this one, and their DVD includes the American cut of the film as well (The Seven Brothers Meet Dracula). I hope they straighten out the speed issue for any further release of this interesting east-meets-west flick"

I can confirm this, although I didn't find it unwatchable.
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