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Just wanted to post this as a greatest hits sort of thing.

I always thought his review of Human Centipede was one of the best (fairest) out there. And, I think it adequately sums up his attitude towards horror films in general. He wanted artistry and intelligence in films. Not that all films needed to be Bunuel and Tarkovsky, but that they should exhibit the care and craftsmanship that an artist provides. And even when he found a film that he believed was wholly repellent, he still had to admit that there was art in there and he had to respect that even if he didn't agree with it.

Sure, he made some bad calls from time to time. But, he was also known to go back and re-review films that he admittedly just "didn't get" the first time around. Pretty commendable.

I still have a beef with his comments about video games. But, at least he spurred some interesting discussions with that one.
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