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Originally Posted by MrTransistor1 View Post
Why would Ebert give a terrible review for The Devils? He gave it zero stars out of four.
I give The Devils highest rating possible. One of the greatest of all time.
i haven't seen The Devils, but I would guess that if you want to know why Ebert didn't like it, you should probably read his review...

I liked Ebert's reviews. When it came to mainstream movies, he was usually pretty on the money. As for horror movies, well...if he gave it a good review, then you could usually count on it being pretty decent (I remember Anchor Bay's old VHS of Evil Dead II having a 3-star quote from Ebert on the cover). But even if he gave it a bad review, he was such an articulate writer that I could often recognize by what he wrote if it was something that would appeal to me or not. So I found his reviews valuable regardless of whether or not I actually agreed with his conclusions.
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