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Originally Posted by Anaestheus View Post
Legend - well worth checking out. There are two versions available. The theatrical is shorter and has music by Tangerine Dream. The director's cut is about 20 minutes longer and has a score my Jerry Goldsmith. I'm in the minority that think the score by Tangerine Dream is better. But, I'd still recommend watching the director's cut. The extra scenes flesh out a couple of moral issues a lot better.

Prophecy - the film itself is probably a bit weak. But, man, the mythology and world of the whole thing is great. So many interesting ideas floating in the background of this one, that it should be highly recommended to anyone who has an interest in "biblical horror" or even a remote interest just in theology.
I watched The Prophecy the other night and agree with your opinion completely. It's one of those films that I just never figured was good enough to bother seeing. And that turned out to be true for the most part except for the angel mythology which is quite compelling.

And thanks for reminding me Peter Cook in Bedazzled. Definitely my favorite depiction of the Devil. Now that it's fresh in my mind I'm gonna have to watch that again some time this weekend.
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