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Originally Posted by baggio View Post
Glad you checked that movie out. Sorry to hear you didn't think it was a good movie (you just liked the concept) It's a hidden gem imo in terms of concept. That whole angel "story" is loosely derived from the bible. The war in heaven between angels vs the devil, fallen angels, etc...

It took many parts and twisted them around to make a more threatening story. Instead of Michael (they use Gabriel) , instead he's a bad guy looking for that soul to help him win that war. Really should be Michael & his Army of God fighting the devil & protecting a woman about to give birth to a savior. So that's where they probably got the little girl thing from. They made it that she has a special meaning to the war & protecting her from Gabriel and such. Something like that.
I definitely didn't dislike it- it had it's moments. I throughly enjoyed Christopher Walken and Viggo Mortensen, but I suppose I didn't care for Elias Koteas in the lead role. Virginia Madsen usually kind of bugs me for some reason too.

The whole concept of the war in heaven was fascinating though. I have next to no experience with the bible so I was curious as to how much of the mythology involved was original to the screenplay. Are there any other films that have approached this in a similar manner?
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