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If ever a movie delivered on its title, it's William Sachs' THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN (1977), coming to Blu-Ray from Scream Factory. After being flashed by the rings of Saturn, astronaut Steve West returns to Earth only to find his once-human physique dissolving at an increasingly rapid pace, dropping globs of goo wherever he treads. Naturally, the only way to slow his degeneration into an amorphous mess is the consumption of human meat; lucky for him there's a veritable smorgasbord of fat nurses, goofy fishermen and sleazy photographers to munch on. Can the government find Steve and cover their space slip-up before it's too late? A supremely slimy throwback to the sci-fi programmers of the '50s, MELTING MAN features some great fx work from a young Rick Baker and a surprise appearance from Rainbeaux Smith as a reluctant skin model. No word yet on what extras Shout have lined up.

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