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Originally Posted by Darga View Post
I definitely didn't dislike it- it had it's moments. I throughly enjoyed Christopher Walken and Viggo Mortensen, but I suppose I didn't care for Elias Koteas in the lead role. Virginia Madsen usually kind of bugs me for some reason too.

The whole concept of the war in heaven was fascinating though. I have next to no experience with the bible so I was curious as to how much of the mythology involved was original to the screenplay. Are there any other films that have approached this in a similar manner?
The only other one that comes to mind would be Legion (2010)

It has the whole evil angels coming to destroy the human race and wanting a particular woman's baby, that turns out to be the savior. Stars Paul Bettany as Archangel Michael to save the humans against Gabriel's army of angels. If I'm not mistaken from what I remember about the film, this army is sent by God to test his angels to destroy mankind, because he loses faith in humans. Which in "bible" theory makes no sense. It's like the opposite of The Prophecy. Prophecy is the war in heaven to save humans, because of God's love for us, etc .. etc... Also in Legion, Michael is the cast off from heaven, going against God's wishes. That's not in the bible ... I don't think.

But check it out, it has a lot of action, etc...

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