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After hunting for this since just after release, finally got a copy in trade. It was movie only with the credits lopped off, so the runttime made no sense to me at first, but during the rape scene it became clear I was watching the "hard-core" version.
Yeah, it added back things I edit out of my own porn, namely extreme close-up of dicks going in and out of vaginas. On top of that, I honestly can't tell if they are real from another porn film, or fake rubber things (vaginas too, something looked off). Then a maybe fake, maybe real creampie drip, really? Everything I hate about porn, none of what I love. Such a bummer, but the rest seemed identical to the unrated, maybe a dash of extra violence but don't quote me on that. It feels so much like Thriller in the insert department.
Glad I finally found it and got to see myself, I just didn't care much for what I saw. To others who have seen this cut, what is the "missing scene" the poster hints at? Most if not all of the gore seemed the same as the unrated version I have, but I didn't compare them and couldn't find a comparison.

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