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The whole concept of the war in heaven was fascinating though. I have next to no experience with the bible so I was curious as to how much of the mythology involved was original to the screenplay. Are there any other films that have approached this in a similar manner?
Most of the background is pulled from the "Book of Enoch" - an apocryphal text that describes the second fall of the angels. The second Prophecy movie pulls even more from this book. This book was also a big influence on the band Fields of the Nephilim.

The TV show Supernatural deals with this whole angels' war as a main plot line for the bulk of the show. And I highly recommend it, but it may not hook you in the first season. But by the start of the second season, they dig their heals into the story and really let it rip.

As for other similar movies, there's also The Seventh Sign, End of Days, and Constantine. But, I'd also argue that none of them are really as good or as well researched as Prophecy. Oh, and Kevin Smith's "Dogma" is another pretty good interpretation of this whole sort of thing. Even if it is played more for laughs, it is pretty well researched and thought provoking as well.

And, while it's not a horror story, the book "Good Omens" by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett is sort of a "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Apocalypse" that is very well researched, a very interesting take on the Revelations of John, and really damned funny. While I have no proof, I am pretty confident that whoever made Prophecy must have, at least, been aware of this book.

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