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Originally Posted by Jimmy S View Post
Not really, Texas Chainsaw 3D did almost 35 millions and I ain't interested so BO numbers meant nothing to me. The BO result meant that a lot of money was spent on marketing not that a movie is good.

The trailer isn't too bad either except for the awfull song played, I said not bad not original looking. But 12$ isn't that much if it turn awfull.
Fair enough, it's your money. And you may be right about the marketing vs. quality of a movie, though I'd guess that studios spend more to market films that they think will be good enough to make lots of money for them, and they won't spend as much to market terrible movies.

It doesn't mean, of course, that their assessment of a film's quality is accurate, but I'm glad you're taking a chance on it, instead of me. But if I'm wrong I'd be happy for you to tell me, so I can make up for missing out.
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