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Originally Posted by CPT HOOK View Post
Brief little DVD review of Cold Prey II

Really looking forward to this disc. I have it pre-ordered from Best Buy.
I got a copy of this to review actually. I saw it way back in 2008 but I didn't remember much about it, so it was fun to revisit it. Ingrid Bolsų Berdal is great, she is incredibly believable when she's acting frightened. She really seems terrified. The scene with Jannicke seeing her friend's bodies and realizing the killer's body is also there is really amazing. A bit illogical because a nurse wouldn't show her the mangled corpses of her friends like that, still a well done scene though.

Completely unrelated to Cold Prey, I also watched The Nest, which I loved. I'd never seen it before, but I really had a lot fun with it. Not a great movie, or even a good one really, but so entertaining.

I put reviews of Nest and Vampire Lovers on my site, if anyone is interested.
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