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I have been pumped to see this one for a while now. It has been getting mixed reviews, but for the most part they have been positive. One of my good friends who is into horror flicks as much as I am really enjoyed it as well, so I had somewhat high expectations. That and I love anthology films, and even if they are getting a little stale now, I tend to like most found footage films.

Having said that, I thought this movie was for the most part terrible. The camera shakiness was some of the worst I've seen, the acting was not good, none of it really felt like or made sense to be on VHS, and every story felt like I could have filmed it over a weekend. I know this film had a low budget but I really don't know how it cost more then food and a few brews for the actors. And you know what, I would be willing to let all the go if the stories were any good, unfortunately they are not. They don't even have good endings which is something even bad anthology flicks can usually get right.

Lets dig into the stories.

Tape 56 - The wrap around story is awful, pointless, and contains some of the most obnoxious and annoying characters I've seen on film. They could have went so many ways with the wrap around and this is the best they could come up with? Actually complaint pretty much fits all the stories here. Is this really the best these Directors could come up with? Skype on VHS, really?

Amateur Night - The first story is okay I guess, but again the characters are really annoying, and it's shot terribly. I give credit to the main actress as she delivers the perfect amount of weird/ creepy, and has a unique look. The gore was decent but not much of an ending, a problem with most of these.

Second Honeymoon - The second story had a decent set up, and a creepy moment or two, but was overshadowed by the ending when it is explained what is actually going on. Yawn. What's really saddening is this was directed by one of the better horror Directors out there right now, Ti West, who up until this point had a perfect record with me.

Tuesday the 17th - The third story in the woods used a cool effect to show the killer, but everything else was just awful. This was painful to get through and was just really dumb.

The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger - The fourth story had again not much happening. It wasn't scary, and the ending was not good.

10/31/98 - The last story was the only saving grace of the film, even if it made no sense why the tape was playing. This one was actually well done with some cool effects, decent scares, and okay dialogue/ acting. Although again it wasn't perfect. The rednecks doing the exorcism were just goofy and cliche. And the ending again wasn't much of a payoff. It was fun, but when you actually take a look at what the plot, there really isn't one. And come on, I find it hard to believe they would get that house mixed up for a house throwing a Halloween party.

I'm really surprised by all the praise this one is getting. Unlike a lot of other found footage films, not one of the stories here was the least bit frightening. And as an anthology film it failed miserably as well, as the stories were all pretty much plotless without any good surprise endings which should be a staple for this type of flick. Recently reading a few members thoughts on the Tales from the Crypt series really made me appreciate that so much more, as even if the stories or acting weren't always the greatest, they at least would put a grin on my face with their endings. Apparently the sequel to this, S-VHS, is getting more praise. Even though this one was pretty much abysmal, I'll give the sequel a chance and hope for the best.

I give this one a 3.5/10, as the last story was at least worth a watch.
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