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Originally Posted by Chomp View Post
For the majority picking up this disc...I doubt the whole mystery of "what's in the fog" would still be relevant.
Of course, but not the point I was trying to make. There will be some blind buys, kids of horror freaks like us, whomever in the future that will buy this flick, or pull it off Dad's shelf, and say "oh, it's about zombie pirates." Then you watch the movie and it tries to play this angle for the majority of the film "what's in the fog" and that portion is ruined for first timers because of the cover. Revealing the killer(s) identity on any covers I'm not a fan of in general (unless it's obvious like F13, Halloween, Freddy, etc.). Part of the fun of a lot of these movies is the anticipation build up and having the old "whodunnit?" mindset.

Oh, it won't keep me from purchasing it at all, just sayin'
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