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Citadel (2012)

If you have Netflix streaming then I suggest that you check this movie out. I read about it in Horrorhound a while back and it sounded interesting, but a bit dirivative of modern kiddie killer films like THEM. Well all I can tell you is HOLLEEE ****!!!! This movie was amazing and absolutely what has been missing from modern films! Picture The Brood combined with elements of The Fog in a desolate urban location that is about as close to Silent Hill as you can get without going into Hell itself and you may get an idea. The atmosphere is blique as ****, there's no stupid Hollywood ******** climax upon climax ending or boss battle at the end. Just an extemely satifisying 85 minutes of tense, chilling terror! These have the first creatures in a long time to give me the chills.

**** the new Evil Dead and it's "The Most Frightening Film You've Ever Seen" ********. This film is ten times better. Can't wait to see it again!

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