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Originally Posted by Anthropophagus View Post
Having now seen this collection, I can say it was definitely worth it for Dracula, Prince Of Darkness and Frankenstein Created Woman.

Dracula, Prince Of Darkness: Great follow-up to Horror Of Dracula though I found the pace quite slower. I also sorely missed the presence of Peter Cushing, the priestly vampire hunter just did not possess the same charisma. I also found the character of Ludwig to be a little odd, obviously based on the Renfield character but with little to no back-story. He seemed to just pop out of nowhere and was given very little to do. The transfer I found to be good not great, but very enjoyable for the most part. 4/5.

Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires-Don’t know what happened here, I’m usually a huge fan of all things Hammer including oft derided films like The Evil Of Frankenstein, The Satanic Rites Of Dracula and Lust For A Vampire, but this one left me cold. Everything seemed off on this and only Cushing’s presence redeemed it for me, one of the worst portrayals of Dracula and it just never gelled. The sped up nature of the movements is ridiculously apparent in some scenes almost not at all in others, but it was distracting and lent an almost comical effect to an already weak film. 1/5.

Frankenstein Created Woman-I really like the story arc here and where they took the characters, for me it’s on par with Frankenstein Must be Destroyed!. Without giving too much away, I liked how the three hooligans were haunted by their actions in a very Edgar Allan Poe type fashion. It’s a basic revenge tale but executed with lots of flair and originality. Cushing is great in this as well and Susan Denberg is definitely worthy of the ‘Hammer Glamour’ moniker. I always preferred the Hammer Dracula series over the Frankenstein, but revisiting ‘Must be Destroyed!’ and discovering ‘Created Woman’ has swayed me quite a bit. Like Dracula, Prince Of Darkness, it’s a very acceptable transfer but far from stunning. 4.5/5.
Dracula's death in Dracula Prince of Darkness was pretty crappy! He just falls into water. Pretty stupid.
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