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Back from Cinema Wasteland and Shock Stock and this is what I brought back:

Remote Control (signed by Jeff Lieberman in person)

Bare Behind Bars (XT Video German Hardbox)
Daughter of Dracula (X-Rated Kult Video German Hardbox)
The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein (X-Rated Kult Video German Hardbox)
Women Behind Bars (X-Rated Kult Video German Hardbox)
The Orloff Collection (The Awful Dr. Orlof/Dr. Orloff's Monster/Orloff and the Invisible Man/Revenge in the House of Usher)
Lust for Frankenstein/Tender Flesh
If a Tree Falls (Unrated)
Girls, Guns, and G-Strings - The Andy Sidaris Collection
Evil Head (signed by Tommy Pistol in person)
Pervert! (signed by Jonathan Yudis)
Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41
The Zombie Pack (Zombi 3/Zombi 4: After Death/Killing Birds: Zombi 5)
Savage Vengeance
Splatter Farm
Woodchipper Massacre
Satan's Black Wedding/Criminally Insane/Criminally Insane 2
Analogue Assault, Teil.7

Twisted Issues (The Video Pharmacy - Over the Counter Edition)
Blood Brothers (The Video Pharmacy - Prescription Edition - signed by Mike Diana)
Chritinas svampskola (Christina's Mushroom School - RARE Christina Lindberg mushroom picking instructional video!!)
The Brain
Deadly Eyes
Deadly Pursuit (aka Commando Games)
Black Torment
The Destroyer
Hitch Hike to Hell/Kidnapped Coed
Swingers Massacre
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