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Eh, it wasn't THAT bad. Certainly not recommendable but if it was a film student's first effort I'd say they definitely had potential for steady work for SyFy Channel and they might even surprise us in the future; therein lies the problem. This isn't up and comers gaining their footing this is a seasoned pro losing his. As has already been stated the lighting is colorless and blown out. The framing is very flat 2D looking like a Mario side-scroller. The music gave it more of an Ed Wood feel then anything else. There's a lot of little things in here that seem like mistranslations almost and it felt like the film got a little lost in parts. Hauer's action scenes really stood out as lackluster compared to all the other fast action and ambitious scenes. It just played like a Europeans' delayed reaction to Coppola's Dracula.

Still it feels like Argento tried here with a somewhat original script and overall I liked a lot of the acting choices. I didn't even mind the flies so much.
The praying mantis was a bit much but if they had restructured that to be the female vampire biting a dude's head off it could have worked.
Even the 50's sci-fi music cues grew on me after awhile; especially after they mixed in some more strings. There was much here that felt so close yet so far away from being good. A tweak here and some massaging there really could have helped this along.
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