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Glad to see copies are starting to show up, I was going to feel like an asshole if a link I shared ending up getting a bunch of you guys ripped off. Anyone take any screenshots yet? I'm probably not going to buy it, but I'd like to see what the quality looks like.

Side note related to Chomp and highclassrob's posts, crappy packing jobs drive me crazy. I ship things very frequently and I always make sure to pack it up nice and neat, so I hate getting a package that looks like a hastily wrapped steak from a butcher shop. I once got a copy of Bob & Doug McKenzie's Two Four Anniversary from SwapaDVD (sells for like $50 on Amazon) and the envelope arrived completely opened. Not like it got ripped open in transit or anything, the guy didn't even tape the goddamn thing up. I was pissed.
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