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The thing that I loved about All The Boys Love Mandy Lane is that it's a simple and straight-forward slasher tale told extremely well. Those are rare these days.

The slasher film has become a punchline, and that's a shame. 90% of the slasher films being made are just so acerbic and laced with humor, as though the filmmakers are trying to show that they're above the material. They're not above it. Very few of the post-2000s have done the humor thing very well (Behind The Mask, Tucker & Dale, and Severance are a few of the rare ones that worked).

My favorite slasher films of the past decade have been the ones that keep a straight-face. Mandy Lane is one of those films. It captures a retro-essence while being very much in the now. Dark Ride would be another one of those films.
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