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Originally Posted by booper71 View Post
Since both are Peter Jackson films (Bad Taste/Feebles) - just pointed out both have been bootlegged or issued without having the rights. I was shocked that Netflix actually physically stocked bootlegs.
My experience with bootlegs is literal copies of studio releases (Disney Platinum / Anniversary Editions, Tales from the Crypt sets - those bootlegs are easy to spot after what I've been through).

I actually didn't think the quality on the Substance DVD was that bad. But I think I did notice some horrendous interlacing. (But I've got Bad Taste on Anchor Bay's 2-disc - it's the only way to own the film... until Blu-Ray, I guess. Although, frankly, I'm a little disappointed there's no THX logo on the cover, to stamp it as a release in the line of Halloween, Hellraiser, Evil Dead, Suspiria, Opera, and Near Dark. There's only a THX on the single-disc edition cover.)
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