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There certainly is a lot to praise about this film. The thing that I really held on to is how interesting and unconventional the story is. Yeah, it borrows a lot from The Brood, but one certainly can't say that it's well-worn ground there. And, they definitely took a lot of time with the atmosphere and the look of the film. In that respect it reminded me a lot of Let the Right One In.

But, for some reason, I just didn't get engaged in the story. There were definitely things that I wish had been done differently. As much as I loved the idea behind the traumatized main character, weak and crippled with agoraphobia, it was almost a bit too much. Particular when saddled with the overall message about fear and victimization, which was handled a bit heavily. Granted, I love that message, and even more love for the fact that the film actually was trying to say something, but it came up a bit too obviously.

I also really felt that something was missing with the kids. The background story is pretty well fleshed out, but they lacked a certain presence or menace. I can't quite put my finger on what was missing. And, I know it's not fair to say, but there was something about the kids in The Brood that really worked well and whatever that was was missing from Citadel.

Despite my negativity though, it was pretty good and definitely a breath of fresh air. It just left me wanting. Fans of The Brood will probably want to take a look though, just to see a different take on a similar story. And, I also think that those who appreciated the atmosphere of Let the Right One In will appreciate this as well.
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