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Runaway Train (Arrow Video) / 22nd July


Two convicts break out of Stonehaven Prison in the dead of winter, boarding a freight train with the intention of getting as far away as possible before their notoriously sadistic warden finds out. But the brakes fail and the driver has a heart attack, sending hundreds of tons of metal hurtling through the snowy Alaskan wastes at terrifying and unstoppable speed.

Based on a script by Akira Kurosawa (Seven Samurai), with hardboiled prison slang added by real-life ex-con Edward Bunker (Mr Blue in Reservoir Dogs), this riveting thriller also boasts Oscar-nominated performances from Jon Voight and Eric Roberts – with Voight playing spectacularly against type as a criminal so vicious that he served much of his sentence welded into his cell.

Combining electrifying action with constant psychological tension (the only surviving member of the train crew is a young, inexperienced woman), Runaway Train is one of cinema's great thrill-rides.

Special Features:
Jon Voight - in this video interview, actor Jon Voight discusses his contribution to Runaway Train, his relationship with Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky, the character he plays (Oscar 'Manny' Manheim). Mr. Voight also discusses the contribution of cinematographer Alan Hume, who prior to Runaway Train had worked on a number of Bond films, the Oscar nominations the film received, how its distribution was handled by The Cannon Group Inc., etc. The interview was directed by Calum Waddell. In English, not subtitled. (38 min).

Andrei Konchalovsky - in this video interview, director Andrei Konchalovsky discusses the production history of Runaway Train, and specifically his relationship with The Cannon Group Inc., his relationship with Jon Voight who helped him come to America, the casting of Rebecca De Mornay as well as Jodie Foster's desire to play her character, the style of film, its disastrous distribution campaign, etc. The interview was directed by Calum Waddell. In English, not subtitled. (16 min).

Eric Roberts - in this video interview, Eric Roberts recalls how he became involved in Runaway Train, his first impression of the script he was sent, his impressions of director Andrei Konchalovsky and his directing style, what it was like working with Jon Voight, etc. The interview was directed Joe Venegas. In English, not subtitled. (16 min).

Kyle T. Heffner - in this video interview, Kyle T. Heffner (Frank Barstow) discusses his contribution to Runaway Train, the character he plays in the film, some of the specific requirements Andrei Konchalovsky had for him, the funny restroom scene, etc. The interview was directed by Calum Waddell. In English, not subtitled. (18 min).

Trailer - original trailer for Runaway Train. In English, not subtitled. (3 min).

Trailer Commentary - a short commentary by director Rod Lurie (The Last Castle, The Contender) who quickly addresses the film's distribution, the Akira Kurosawa connection, and the cast. In English, not subtitled. (3 min).

Booklet - illustrated booklet featuring new writing on the film by critic Michael Brooke, a new interview with Runaway Train's production designer Stephen Marsh conducted by Calum Waddell, as well as the original Life Magazine article that inspired the film, illustrated with rare behind-the-scenes production images.

Cover Art - Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Joe Wilson.

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