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Originally Posted by Erick H. View Post
Hey Baggio,did you change your avatar ? I don't ever recall seeing the "Killbot" before .

Yes Erick H. I actually just upgraded the avatar. When I made the avatar a "long" time ago, I wasn't very good at the process. So just recently, I got bored & re-did the clip I had. Tried to smooth it out, as you might remember the old one was very fast & choppy. With the new one because it's slowed down some, you can see more frames, thus I added the Killbot. I wanted to put it in before, but it looked crappy because the frames jumped so fast , it barley showed. It's still tuff because of the size limit allowed here on the site. But, I think it looks a lot better now than before. Thanks for noticing. You're the first person that mentioned it.


The Vault Of Horror (1973) - 42
Phenomena (1985) - 58
Black Sabbath (1963) - 32 KILL
Alligator (1980) - 54 SAVE
Madhouse (1974) - 04

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