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Originally Posted by dickieduvet View Post
I can't speak for the German release, All I know is that they shared the transfers for all 3 versions. As I mentioned before I've only watched the Dir Cut on the Fr version and skimmed through the other 2.

As the Dir Cut is my preferred cut it's the only version I'll be spinning anyway.

It looks like a revelation compared with the previous UK & US releases. The DNR and EE have gone and it looks great with some natural film grain and no digital manipulation whatsoever.

The Fr version cost me 20 Euro's from, I'm more than happy with it.

I don't have the tech to do BD caps but those from Caps-A-holic look pretty close to what I viewed.

Dir Cut PQ 8/10
Dir Cut AQ 5.1 - 5/10
Dir Cut AQ 2.0 - 7/10
Thanks for the heads up... a good 30€ that I save.

Are the subs locked?
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