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What's the Name of this Movie

This has been driving me nuts for the past few days. Released in the early 80's I believe and it involves a white painted brick mansion that is somewhat falling apart - mainly inside there are random rooms with just piles of brick/stone. I think the premise is a girl somehow finds her way there and it's inhabited by an older woman who I think is a ghost. I think I recall one scene where the girl is outside of it and the older women comes out the front door asking what's she up to and what not. She may have even sat and had tea with her at one point inside. Kind of a creepy flick where I recall the current DVD release is cut - I feel like I've even discussed it somewhere on this site at one point. Unfortunately my posts only go back so far, so I can't search through that.

It's not Frenchman's Farm, House that Vanished, GhostKeeper, Unhinged or House of Seven Corpses. I don't think it really plays like a haunted house movie - more of a subtle slasher. The old woman might even have a son or something that kills people in the house. I think the climax might even be the girl trying to escape from the son in the house.

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