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Peter Sasdy's HANDS OF THE RIPPER (1971) from Synapse 7/9 -- More Hammer!

It's more Hammer horror in hi-def with Synapse Films' announced blu of Peter Sasdy's HANDS OF THE RIPPER (1971)! When the daughter of Jack the Ripper finds herself entering a trance-like state with increasing regularity, the slashed bodies begin piling up in Whitechapel all over again. A shrink-on-the-rise wants to psychoanalyze her in hopes of solving the killings, but will he find out the truth before it's too late? A suspenseful thriller spiced up with the gory murders '70s audiences desired, HANDS OF THE RIPPER is one of the most-requested titles from the famed British studio and finally makes its uncut digital debut here in the States, loaded with a fresh slate of supplements from Ballyhoo Motion Pictures including a new documentary, television intro, stills collections, trailers, and more. "As savage as any wild beast!"

Blu / DVD Combo Preorder:


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